1 Kings, chapter 22

Reading the book of first Kings Chapter twenty-two.

Our favorite verse in 1 Kings chapter 22 is: 

Micaiah declared, “If you ever return safely, the Lord has not spoken through me.” Then he added, “Mark my words, all you people!” (1 Kings 22:28 NIV)

Characteristics of a true prophet:

  • His/her teachings are in harmony with the Bible
  • His/her predictions come to pass.
  • Give glory to Christ Jesus and give Him the honor and praise.
  • Demonstrates good fruits through their actions.  

Our prayer:
Thank you dear Father for the prophets who you have continually sent for your people. May the Holy Spirit help us to understand their prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled. We pray that we may be able to live in harmony with messages for this time of the end. Amen

By Dr. Franz Rios, Translated and adapted by Pablo J. Rios. 

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