Higher Education has Racial Privileges

Racial discrimination and giving privileges based on racial or eternity are two ends of the same problem. In the United States research has shown that racial privileges contribute to ethnic divide among k-12 students. Other research now shows that colleges and universities also contribute to what is called “white racial privilege” 
A study by  Georgetown University shows an increase in the enrollment of minorities in higher education, they also found that the quality of education and level of education for these minorities is consistently less than those being enjoyed by white students.  

The “separate and unequal report” by Georgetown University argues that although African-Americans and Hispanics enrollment in colleges and universities has been growing faster than white students, whites are over-represented in the nation’s 468 most selective and well-funded institutions, they are increasingly vacating the less selective open-access, which now, in their majority admits minority groups. African-American and Hispanic students are concentrated in 3,250 of these open-access colleges in the United States.

More than 30 percent of African-Americans and Hispanics that have achieved high school education and hold a point average of 3.5 or higher attended community colleges, but only 22 percent of whites with the same GPA attended the same kinds of institutions. Furthermore, the report also found that 57 percent of minority students with scores higher than 1200 out of 1600 (the SAT scoring scale changed to a maximum of 2400 points in 2005) on the SAT eventually received some sort of certificate or degree, compared to 77 percent of whites with similar scores.

With a big gap between budget of  top colleges and universities, which means better research facilities and learning materials, it is hard to determine the “important threshold for racial equality in education and earnings.” Furthermore, “It is difficult to clearly mark the point where racial discrimination ends and economic deprivation begins, but the evidence is clear that both negatively affect educational and economic opportunity and are most powerful in combination,” the report says.

It is hard to imagine that society has not yet come to the point where we can see people beyond the color of their skin, place of origin or culture. It seems that there will always be a division among peoples, but our education system plays an important role at breaking the gab of inequality and forming individuals who will be able to grab opportunities to make a difference in the world regardless of their ethnic background. 

I believe that it is important to present our kids with every option available for higher education, the report by Georgetown University also shows the influence of parents and family members in their kids choices, may be platforms like and other similar services that allow students and parents to explore educational opportunities around the world may play a role in creating a global understanding of our future and narrow the gab of inequality through international experiences and cultural immersion. 

I am exited about the future of education and believe that young people need help in finding the a place where they can get a quality education and experience the world as a global village. 


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