Psalms, chapter 77

Remember what God has done for you.May God strengthen us day by day.

Our Bible reading for today is from Psalms 76, the verse of reference in  is: 

 “I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago. I will consider all your works     and meditate on all your mighty deeds.”” (Psalms 77:11, 12 NIV).


Remember to thank and testify of God’s love

Historical Review. – Psalm 77 talks about a time of intense suffering, but does not specify the circumstances that caused it, this circumstance leads the psalmist to express the yearning of a soul that seeks to know why God has abandoned him while trying to find a way out of darkness. The psalmist prayed to exhaustion without receiving any consolation (1-3) until the suffering removed his ability to pray (4). The sleepless nights brought back memories of better times in the past (5-9). In the second part of the psalm he recalls what God had done in the past (11-20).

Make Memory. – Living in a world polluted by sin, we go through difficult circumstances that cause pain, confusion, frustration and sometimes anger such as the loss of a loved one, marital problems, and incurable illness, loss of a job, financial problems, deceit and slander (add your list). The challenge for today is to make the transition from grief to hope and trust. We should no longer pray that circumstances change, and miss the way things were before, but remember what God has done on our behalf. “When he realized the will and ways of God, felt great euphoria; later when captured an image of the mercy and love of God, everything looked like it was wrapped in a cloud of darkness. Although recognized as God’s mysterious ways, he knew that God is merciful and good. His soul was revived when he looked at the character of God as manifested in his teachings, his patience, sublime greatness and mercy, and saw the works and wonders of God should not be given a narrow application (MS 4, 1896). 

Testify. – Share with those around you the mighty works which God has done in your favor: tell people how you know Christ to be and what have enjoy through his transforming power.


Father of love and blessings. Thank you for allowing us to review our life, we recognize that You are good and gracious. We ask you to work in the lives of those that are going through tough tests. In the name of Jesus, amen.

By Dr. Franz Rios and Pablo Rios
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