Psalms, chapter 12

God does never leave your side. God’s care and love is eternal.

Our verse of reference in Psalms 12 is: 

 “Because the poor are plundered and the needy groan, I will now arise,” says the Lord. “I will protect them from those who malign them.” (Psalms 12:5 NIV).

God cares for the oppressed and needy

historical commentary. – Psalm 12 comes from the time of David at the court of Saul. unto David, and it seems that almost no good in the world, who had finished the faithful of among the children of men, and therefore asks God for salvation (v. 1), David feels trapped in a human jungle where violent people and liars oppress the righteous (Rev. 2.3) calls God to punish the unjust, not by a desire for revenge, but to see God act on behalf of the righteous (Rev. 4.5), so David expresses confidence in the word of God without blemish.

God promises: I will get up. – This figure is taken from the experience of the people of Israel: Whenever the ark set out, Moses said: “Arise, O Lord thine enemies be scattered; flee from your presence those who hate you” (Num 10:35). This same image is repeated in Ps 68:1: “Let God arise, that his enemies be scattered, fleeing his presence those who hate him.” In response to request prayer, God answers and promises to curb violence. This psalm teaches how to behave in just the sufferings that come upon them, through the corruption of the world, manifested even in the chosen people of God and especially through dishonesty and deception.

God promises: I’ll save the oppressed. – God hears the cry of the needy and oppressed, and heard the cry of His people (Exodus 2:24). “But it’s the grain of sand in this world, in the souls that He gave His only begotten Son, where his interest and the interest of the entire sky concentrated. God stoops from his throne to hear the cry of the oppressed. To every sincere prayer, he answers: “Here I am “. Raise the distressed and downtrodden. In all our afflictions He is afflicted.” Or 36. 


Protector and savior God. We ask that our eyes do not focus on the injustice and oppression that exists in this world. Get up to succor and help all those who suffer injustice, limitations and discrimination. May your name be exalted for your great mercies. By jesus, amen.

By Dr. Franz Rios and Pablo Rios
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