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In St Lucia, Passing the storm

The storm is not here yet, I thank the Lord that I have internet and have been able to be in contact with my beautiful wife and loving family.  It is interesting to think about being in a hurricane, It is an experience I have not had, they say it will […]

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Fireworks at POS

Happy independence day Trinidad and Tobago! I though it was going to look better from the distance, but the fireworks were too low. Sent from my Mobile device visit for more information.

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Got access to Gmail Phone call!

The Call Phone icon appeared in my gmail chat box today. The quality of the call is incredible, it is a extention to my google voice account. Google did it again, a great feature, my gmail will always be my primary email, or my only acct. Again hats off to […]

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Advantages of waiting in line!

I am waiting, I have been waiting in line may be for over two hours. I am sure this is an experience that most of you have gone through in the past, if you have not, it will happen sooner or latter. As I wait I see how this common […]

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Looking for a good webmaster

Well, the search is on, I am ready to start working in 2 web projects and The first one will be a database of Universities around the world and a free advice center for students seeking to continue into tertiary education. The second is a inspirational / internet […]

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Have a good week

It has been a nice day, lots of rest. I am ready for the new week ahead, who knows what we will encounter but I am sure we will ge through it just fine. Have a good week all, let me hear from you and your experiences! Sent from my […]

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